Client Description

A sovereign Native American tribal government with 285 employees based in Western Washington


The client had a medical plan that had limited provider options and extremely high premiums. Berg Benefits was asked to help find a better medical plan that would give employees more choices for their doctors and would also bring down the costs to be more affordable for the government and its employees.


Berg Benefits transitioned the client from a fully insured HMO to a self-funded PPO plan. 


The PPO plan gave employees more options where they could get care and lowered costs by 35% compared to the fully insured plan. 

Through its excellent ongoing relationship with the client, Berg Benefits also provides TPA services through its sister company RedQuote.

Client Feedback

“I would like to send a personal ‘Thank you’ to both of you for hanging in there with us as we transitioned!” 

“I just had to drop you a giant thank you! It is easy to get lost in the admin functions until something hits close to home. I know you both probably hear so many requests, so I had to send a personal note of gratitude.”

“During the transition to our new medical plan, it felt like we were your only client.”