Client Description

A healthcare provider with 320 employees based in Central Washington


The client had experienced a spike in medical expenses associated with claim costs. They had spread the higher costs across the entire organization instead of the few individuals that were tied to the expense.

Berg Benefits was asked to help find a way for the client to continue offering full benefits but at reasonable costs for the company and its employees.


Berg Benefits investigated new stop loss carriers and requested bids from 25 different carriers.


Simply by changing and negotiating with a new stop loss carrier, the client was able to save $250,000 in premiums in a single year. This reduction in fixed costs offset expenses associated with the spike in claims. It was a significant win for the client, which allowed them to use the savings to offset increased claim cost.

Additionally, Berg Benefits administers an HRA that employees can use within their own employer’s healthcare system in partnership with its sister company, RedQuote.