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Our in-house third party administrator, RedQuote, offers a variety of solutions that can make medical plans more affordable while saving your HR team time and stress. Let us guide you through the options and select the ones that make the most economic sense for you and your employees.

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Flexible Spending Account

An FSA is an employer-sponsored health savings account that allows employees to set aside pre-tax money to cover the cost of qualified healthcare expenses.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

An HRA is an employer-funded plan that reimburses employees for qualified healthcare expenses and sometimes insurance premiums.

Cobra Benefits

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) gives workers the right to continue group health benefits under certain circumstances such as job loss.

Individual & Medicare Plans

We can assist employees who prefer to self-insure, qualify for Medicare or have COBRA benefits about to expire, too!

Berg Benefits and RedQuote can help you evaluate which of these innovative solutions can mitigate rising healthcare costs without compromising the quality of benefits and coverage you offer your employees. We make our services available to individual companies as well as other insurance brokers and their clients.
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RedQuote, a DBA of Berg Benefits, offers assistance in choosing and administering FSA, HRA, COBRA, and Medicare & individual insurance plans. Our consulting services support employers in providing cost-effective benefits to their valued employees.   

  • Plan assessment
  • Custom multi-year strategy
  • Administration & management
  • Ongoing, full-service support
  • Federal & state compliance
  • Claims processing

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Choosing an insurance broker is an important decision that can directly affect your bottom line. Work with a company that has the experience, expertise and relationships with vendors to put together the best benefits package for your business.
HRAs, and FSAs help employers and employees save money on qualified healthcare expenses. With these vehicles, they may be able to choose high-deductible plans that are less costly. Also, contributions to these accounts are pre-taxed, which allows employees to maximize savings on qualified healthcare expenses.
HRAs are exclusively funded by employers. FSAs may receive contributions from either the employer or employee depending how you set up the program.
No, they can opt out at any time. However, most will see the benefit of participating, especially if the employer is contributing to the plan. They also have control over how much they contribute, flexibility that makes the products more attractive to employees.
Yes, we can provide guidance. Those costs can be covered by the employee or by the company in any combination that you’d like.
Claims processing and employee benefits management can be tedious and time-consuming. When you hire a third party administrator, you no longer tie up personnel whose time is better spent on mission-critical tasks. Additionally, health insurance claims are complex. We’re experts who can make sure you and your employees get the maximum benefit your plan allows, while maintaining full compliance with federal and state regulations.
If you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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Our Process
How We Deliver Value
For many business owners, finding insurance policies for your business can feel overwhelming. Berg Benefits offers a concierge experience in which we sort through insurance carriers and products to assemble a custom-tailored plan that works for your employees and makes economic sense for your business. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter plans.

We get to know your company. We take into account the number of eligible employees, their ages, the type of work they do, and more. These variables influence our recommendations for insurance carriers and products.


We look at others in your industry. In today’s job market, benefit plans factor into an employee’s decision of where they want to work. We curate benefit programs that help you stay competitive in your organization’s industry.


We shop around. The insurance universe is vast with numerous vendors and hundreds of different products. We look at the myriad of options and advocate for you with carriers to get the best rates and plans.


We negotiate. Even after we’ve identified the right products, we’ll go back to carriers and ask for advantageous rates. We go the extra step. Our long-standing relationships with vendors help us get you favored status.

We can help you maximize insurance coverage and minimize costs by relying on our decades of expertise focused solely on employee benefit plans.

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Berg Benefits has a 99% retention of existing clients, one of the highest rates in the industry. We get to know our clients well so that we can customize their benefit plans and help them navigate the full array of insurance solutions.

  • I appreciate all the work everyone does on our account. I'd be lost without you, or at least be out of compliance!

    Washington Healthcare Provider with 100+ Employees
  • I just had to drop you a giant thank you! It is easy to get lost in the admin functions until something hits close to home. I know you probably hear so many requests, so I had to send a personal note of gratitude.

    Western Washington Tribal Government
  • You’re the best insurance broker we’ve ever had!

    Central Washington Employer with 600+ Employees
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